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Pre-natal and post-natal  yoga
Pre-natal yoga - for a comfortable pregnancy and an easy giving birth. Post-natal yoga, performed with your baby, is giving possibility to get the same body shape as before.

Heart yoga
Do you inhale in a right way? By means of body and breathing exercises you can live longer. That kind of yoga is not only protecting your heart, but also decreasing the usage of blood preasure controling medicines.

Beauty and face yoga
By means of special exercises focused on the face muscles, you will experience the natural botox effect.

Neck and back yoga
No more pain in your neck or back.
Form  and detox yoga
Gives your body a nice form and puts all toxins away.

Reiki –Bio Energy
In each of us there is a bioenergy, but because of different reasons it is blocked. Dr. Usui rediscovered this energy and started to use it for healing.

Foot reflexology / Massage
Feet are our bodies´ mirror.

Meditation influences positively chronical pains, stress, fears and depression.
Angel therapy / Tarot cards
Healing therapy based on Dr. Virtue´s  scientific experience, working with tarot and angelic cards.

Yoga for children
Exercises for more flexible body, higher concentration, enhancing the memory,increasing self-confidence and esteem. All exercises are based on a game approach. For children  from 6-12 years.

Coaching /Consultation
For self-motivation, beter relationships, self- potential discovery, proper target choice, self-esteem, time management, conscious and balance.

Healthy bar
Various herbal teas prepared acording to personal requirements.

Workshop- Seminars
Various seminars and workshops like stress management, Beauty care acording to Ayurveda, Chakras´ (body energy centres)introduction, Reiki, Yoga, Dance of the heart…

Yoga travel
On the request  there is also a possibility to overnight in our house in Okurcalar. This house has a garden and swimming pool and it is located near to the sea.

For more details please contact us.

  In Europe nowadays there is Yoga treatment paid by the health insurance...it is also recommended by the doctors